Today I’m sitting down with a founding partner of one of the hottest ad agencies in London – Andy Nairn from Lucky Generals.

Andy co-founded Lucky Generals in 2013. The agency is responsible for almost all the good creative that’s going around at the moment, including my recent favourite: the Yorkshire Tea ‘Where Everything’s Done Proper’ campaign featuring Parky and the Kaiser Chiefs.

Andy Nairn, founding partner, Lucky Generals

Before starting the agency, Andy’s pedigree was impressive too. He’s won 24 major effectiveness awards, including the 2005, 2007 and 2010 Grand Prix at the IPA Effectiveness Awards. Campaign magazine named him as the UK’s top planner and one of the top ten planners in the world.

We talked about:

• The essence of good planning;
• What the modern consumer expects;
• Why good advertising can kill bad products;
• What Andy thinks about the old analogue/digital thinking;
• The creative process, and the role of metrics and measurement;
• How tracking and accountability have changed;
• Brands scoring own goals on social media (and how to avoid it);
• A big Paddy Power stunt that got a little out of hand;
• Programmatic and algorithm-driven advertising;
• How AI will change the industry (or not change it);
• Andy’s view of the next five years;
• And the rationale behind Lucky Generals’ recent sale to TBWA.

People Tell Richard Stuff: Episode 45
Andy Nairn, Founding Partner, Lucky Generals

Andy Nairn, founding partner, Lucky Generals