Over the course of the podcast I’ve spoken to people from two of the upstart ‘neo-banks’ – now it’s time for a different perspective on the banking industry. Today’s guest Antony Jenkins is the guy to get it from.

Antony was CEO of Barclays for three years until his departure in 2015. Since then he’s followed his nose for innovation, joining the board of Blockchain and starting his latest venture, 10x Future Technologies.


10x is trying to create a new banking ‘ecology’ – basically, a platform for big banks to use which will simplify and enhance processes not just for the companies, but for the average customer. We’ve spoken on other episodes about the banking world’s reliance on aging tech – here’s someone with a solution.

Just after he left Barclays, Antony warned that banking is reaching its ‘Uber moment’. What exactly does he mean – and is he going to be the one delivering the transformation?

We talked about:
• What Antony meant by his ‘Uber moment’ comment;
• The effects of the financial crisis, 8 years on;
• Whether it will be the banks or the startups that do the disrupting;
• Fintech’s role in the greater world;
• The technologies behind this change and Antony’s role in Blockchain;
• Bitcoin;
• How machine learning will enhance Fintech;
• Antony’s thoughts on startup banks like Starling and Monzo;
• What 10x hopes to achieve and its first customer;
• And Antony’s vision for the future.

People Tell Richard Stuff: Episode 34
Antony Jenkins, Executive Chairman, 10x Future Technologies

Antony Jenkins, executive chairman, 10x Future Technologies