Edwin Bos Edwin Bos is Reevoo's chief innovation officer and our uncrowned Csar of Impartiality. He hates misleading advertising, loves the mysterious human brain, never stops being amazed at what crowds can source and enjoys a good quiz.
  • What consumers do SlideShare: The Advocacy Economy Trust is a dwindling commodity. Especially for businesses. And government. And the media. And even charities. Uh-oh. There’s an issue here. In the era of Trump, fake news and banking scandals all over the world, we’ve seen public trust abused, chewed up and spat out in a million pieces. And in response, the people have […] 1 min read 25th June 2018
  • Innovation Zuckerberg to invest in Reevoo Today on 1st April 2018 I announce that Mark Zuckerberg is to invest in Reevoo. Just as Zuckerberg is looking for something new, Reevoo is expanding, so perfect timing. My motto for Reevoo is “by the people, for the people”. But I see our biggest growth opportunity in adding a second line: “by the animals, […] 2 min read 1st April 2018
  • User-generated content Why humans are kings of content moderation “Everything in moderation — including moderation”, said that old wag Oscar Wilde. In May this year, Facebook announced it was hiring 3,000 extra staff to moderate its content and flag up inappropriate stuff. This was on top of the 4,500 it already had — an immoderate number of moderators, we think you’ll agree. When a […] 3 min read 15th August 2017
  • Reviews How to collect a ton of reviews A customer review can help a customer buy the right product and help a brand gain a little trust. A few thousand customer reviews can completely change public perception. That’s the real gold we’re after at Reevoo. We’ve spent ten years working on a ‘secret sauce’ when it comes to review collection – a methodology that […] 7 min read 25th May 2017
  • What consumers do 5 ways digital banks are revolutionising customer service “Disruption” is so in right now. Every daring company is looking to shake up the status quo of their respective industries. The more staid, the riper for disrupting. So, could banking be next? It certainly looks like it. Banking facing 'Uber moment', says former Barclays boss https://t.co/KBKTqY11TN — Starling Bank (@StarlingBank) November 29, 2015 Customers expect more, […] 5 min read 24th March 2016
  • Reviews Should brands be reviewing their customers? There are two sides to every story. But in the customer/business relationship, are they always equal? Reviewing is one of the hallmarks of the shared economy. Take a look at every new company ‘shaking up’ or ‘disrupting’ its industry – the majority are powered by reviews or user-generated content (and often, user-generated product). Uber and Airbnb […] 3 min read 18th January 2016
  • Brand 5 of the biggest trust scandals of 2015 Some brands found themselves at the close of 2015 with their reputation in tatters. Car manufacturers and sports associations especially seemed to be rocked by trust scandals. It’ll be interesting to see what strategies they come up with in 2016 to rebuild their reputations. 1. Fuelling distrust in Volkswagen This was undoubtedly the greatest scandal […] 3 min read 11th December 2015
  • Reviews 5 no-nos when it comes to negative reviews There is no such thing as a squeaky-clean online business reputation; every business will have its critics at some point. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can swiftly become critical if you don’t approach it with a positive and well thought-out strategy. The public is surprisingly forgiving. They are also more discerning […] 7 min read 9th November 2015
  • Reviews Why is authenticity important for consumers? When you need to decide what or where to buy, or to be inspired or educated, we know that what a brand says is only one side of the story. Sure, it’s helpful to get the official blurb about what you want to buy – but often it’s the opinions of others that hold the […] 3 min read 12th September 2015