Hannah Murray-Sykes Hannah is Reevoo's head of marketing and unofficial Queen of Spreadsheets. She's all about good data and knowing how to use it - and she's handy with a foreign language or four.
  • What consumers do We ask three over 50s how they choose car insurance Choosing car insurance can be a little daunting. There are loads of options and they all compete for our attention. When those of us who have been driving around for a relatively short time consider insurance, we perhaps need a little more spoon-feeding. But what’s it like for drivers in their mid 50s? At this point they may have […] 9 min read 18th August 2016
  • User-generated content How insurers can encourage brand loyalty The nature of trust is changing and, with it, the nature of brand loyalty. The change is especially evident in the insurance industry, where trust and emotion are front of mind when people are making their decisions. Insurers, we know – earning and keeping trust is tough. It’s something we discussed at length in our webinar in May. […] 4 min read 8th August 2016
  • What consumers do How big data is revolutionising the insurance industry In May we did a webinar with our friends at POST called ‘Building brand loyalty in a digital age’. Reevoo founder Richard Anson sat on the panel with Jonathan Swift, (director of content, Insurance Division, Incisive Media); Lorraine Donington (head of digital user experience and content, TSB); Phoebe Hugh (co-founder & CEO, Brolly); and Darrell Sansom (managing director, AXA Business Insurance). Nobody’s got an hour to spare, so check out our pick […] 4 min read 21st July 2016
  • Brand How customer advocacy can challenge preconceptions Customer advocacy through user-generated content doesn’t just push a few more people down the sales funnel – it can change people’s perceptions of an entire brand. One company is in the middle of using customer advocacy to do just so. We talked to our client Eurocamp, the camping and mobile holiday company, about using reviews as part […] 6 min read 13th June 2016
  • Reviews Why you need to syndicate your reviews Just as you would take the time to make sure your messaging is on point at every touchpoint, your UGC should closely follow. A syndicated reviews system ensures that wherever customers see reviews of your products, they see consistent scores and content. Properly syndicated reviews – that is, content that appears in a coherent and uniform way across […] 6 min read 2nd June 2016
  • Reviews Responding to reviews Good or bad, customer reviews are always useful for businesses. If they’re good, they can be excellent marketing material. If they’re bad, they provide an opportunity for your company to engage with your customers and refine your product or service. So, you’ve received a review, what do you do? In all cases you will want […] 6 min read 20th May 2016
  • User-generated content Cash for comment Money transfers aren’t like most other transactions. They happen between friends or family. They’re often tied to experiences or emotions. As such, when it comes to transferring money – and the various ways in which that can happen – people can be both wary and sensitive. Money transfer services have to tread carefully when persuading potential customers to […] 5 min read 5th May 2016
  • User-generated content The murky world of content scrapers Around 70 million pieces of user-generated content (UGC) are uploaded to social media every day. It’s having a real influence on our spending habits – 84 per cent of millennials say that UGC has influenced what they buy. But in the rush to get on board, brands are treading in a legal grey area. We look […] 6 min read 21st April 2016
  • User-generated content How to create powerful advertising by harnessing UGC Ask and you shall receive. That’s the lesson that many brands have come to appreciate over the past few years when it comes to engaging with their customers. In particular, user-generated content (UGC) as a means of spreading a brand message is growing in popularity. Brands are waking up to the fact that the public […] 4 min read 12th April 2016