Mitchel Nicholson Mitch is editor of the Reevoo Blog and Reevoo's resident Australian. Find him queued up for an artisan scotch egg somewhere in east London, complaining about the weather.
  • Podcasts Top ten podcasts if you want to learn about… Funny to think we only started doing the podcast a year ago here at Reevoo. It’s become an institution. That’s mostly due to the calibre of our guests – from LoveFilm founder Simon Calver, to the brand strategist (and former consultant to President Obama) Adam Hanft and Philip Thomas, CEO of Cannes Lions. The topics […] 6 min read 26th January 2017
  • What consumers do 10 things you need to be thinking about in 2017 Yes, many of us will be glad that 2016 has come to an end but it’s no reason at all to take your eye off the ball. Here are ten things that you should be thinking about in 2017: 1. The next gen of Google results Rich results are going to dominate search pages. That […] 7 min read 22nd December 2016
  • Whitepapers REPORT: Bank to the future In mid-2016, Good Rebels and Reevoo asked 7,500 16-25-year-olds across 6 countries to participate in a global study designed understand their attitudes, and to get under the skin of their experiences and behaviours around everyday banking. We revealed the full UK findings at an exclusive launch event and panel discussion held at the iconic Level39 […] 1 min read 29th November 2016
  • Webinars WEBINAR: The finance purchase mindset What are people thinking when they’re looking for a new credit card, insurance policy or other financial product? The trouble is, most of the time, they’re thinking: ‘I don’t trust what I’m reading’. It’s called the ‘Finance Purchase Mindset’ – super skeptical, a little confused and very reluctant to part with their cash without being […] 1 min read 13th October 2016
  • Whitepapers The ratings & reviews landscape Ratings & reviews – important to customers, vital for your business. They’ve become a key part of every buyer’s journey, and are make or break for businesses when it comes to influencing a purchase. But not just any review will do – people don’t want store-bought, chemical pumped reviews, they want them fresh & organic, […] 1 min read 26th August 2016
  • Social media Confessions of a social media manager This is the second in our ‘Confessions…’ series where we go behind the scenes and ask professionals in media, marketing and sales to share their dirty secrets (anonymously). We’ve spoken to a newspaper comments editor about the UGC he receives from readers (yes, looking at you Ronnie) and now we turn our attention to the […] 6 min read 12th August 2016
  • What consumers do How Americans are choosing their banks We’ve spoken a lot about how British banks are changing to keep up with their customers and attract new ones. But what about American customers and American banks? Is there anything to learn from what they’re doing across the ditch? We asked three American millennials to choose a new bank. All three would be instructed to use […] 10 min read 10th August 2016
  • Whitepapers Value creation through the digital journey Our friends at Sophus3 held their annual automotive industry forum on the 9th March in London. The event welcomed over 100 marketing executives from 25 different automotive brands – as well as Reevoo founder, Richard Anson. Richard gave a talk about how different car brands have been harnessing good old human nature in the digital journey – you’ll find […] 1 min read 27th July 2016
  • User-generated content Social media content VS user-generated content We often get asked about the difference between UGC (user-generated content) and social media content. Different people might say different things, but we’ll share with you how we explain it – and what each one is good for. For us, social media content is something you can neither curate nor control. People are only sharing for […] 7 min read 25th July 2016