Here’s a five-point guide for businesses looking to boost their search engine results page (SERP) ranking.

Most people would say that they want their business to be number one on Google search. The question remains: how exactly do you go about that? It isn’t easy and, unfortunately, there are no simple answers. However, here are some tips to help you achieve your favourite position.

Here are five ways to build your online presence; master SEO; and in turn dominate the results pages.

1. Good content.

It’s all about broadening your reach so if you haven’t considered some of the below, you should.

Some of the best content includes:

• Infographics
• Memes
• Videos
• Detailed guides
• Product reviews
• How-to posts
• Lists
• E-Books

Content you pull from your customers is especially great for SEO (reviews, comments, forums etc). If you’re constantly collecting it, the search engines get a lovely fresh stream of content, written in the same kind of language as the people searching for you.

2. Get real friendly with Google Plus: they’ll like you if you like them.

• A priority is given to links from Google Plus by google, so that helps.
• Lots of linking out of your ‘About’ section.
• Give a shout out to G+ on your site, the little icon goes a long way.
• This may mean being added to the Knowledge Graph in the longer term.

Content you pull from your customers is especially great for SEO. - Highlight to share -

3. Maximise the usage of your meta-tags: help people see what your content is before viewing it.

• They don’t directly influence organic search rankings, they do influence potential customers.
• Use them to the fullest on high priority pages.
• Treat them as free advertising to everyone viewing the SERPs.

4. The trick with the tags is that the title tag is of great importance. This is the first thing to influence click through rates.

• Include target keywords.
• The title should maintain the same voice as the rest of the brand or site.
• It should be informative, concise and hopefully spark curiosity.

5. Make and maintain social media profiles.

• Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus have high rankings in search engines.
• Calls to action are a strong way to keep the traffic coming your way.
• Utilise the cover photos – it’s one of the best ways to be found.

Calls to action are a strong way to keep the traffic coming your way. - Highlight to share -

There is always much more to be done in terms of boosting your SERP ranking. But, hopefully, these tips have inspired you to be a little more confident in your approach and consolidated in your mission to the top.

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Being number one on the SERP rankings