You could argue that Bruce Jenner got the makeover of the year, but in our eyes it was the Reevoo blog which underwent the most drastic transformation.

To celebrate the new us as 2015 draws to a close, we thought we’d bring you the best of the blog from this magnificent, eventful year.

1. Why fake reviews aren’t good for business

In a year where fake reviews got an awful amount of press (cough… TripAdvisor), we felt it was important to remember exactly why reviews that aren’t a hundred per cent genuine can land your brand in hot water. Here are our top three reasons you should never be tempted to pay for reviews.

If you’re thinking about removing a review that might be true but is less than flattering, consider these factors before and remember that there are five things you should certainly not do.

2. Cars started to get adventurous with UGC

The auto industry hit the headlines this year for all the wrong reasons. But lots of car brands tried innovative and ambitious marketing campaigns. Mercedes went from old school to young and hip with an adventurous Instagram campaign. Toyota brought in a swanky new customer service app. And Hyundai brought the online offline with a new concept store.

3. How millennials are changing brands and products

Still on the topic of cars, we teamed up with engagement and innovation company Different Spin to survey 32,000 millennials about their car use, and how they see cars fitting into their lives now and in the future. The results were extremely telling on how aspirations are changing: cars and homes are out; travelling and gadgets are in. Read the full article and report here.

We’ve also discussed the importance of your brand’s voice as millennials demand that businesses talk like humans, not businesses.

4. Reevoo on Rip off Britain

Perhaps the most exciting moment of 2015 was when Rip off Britain visited the Reevoo offices – read what really happened here. Apart from our founder Richard Anson’s best practice on what you need to do if your business’s website publishes or hosts reviews of products or services, there was also guide on how to spot a fake if you suspect one.

5. The outstanding blog post of this year wasn’t a blog post. It was a podcast. In fact, it was four podcasts.

Our Founder Richard Anson talked to five content expertsPhilip Thomas, CEO of Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity; Jeremy Fennell  Managing Director of Carphone Warehouse; and Pete Blackshaw, Global Head of Digital & Social Media at Nestlé. Sit back, plug in, and enjoy.

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What rocked the blog in 2015