Once upon a time, your digital audience was very predictable. They sat in front of a computer. They gave you their full attention. They demanded little, but they also spent little. Times have changed. The modern consumer is more likely than ever to part with their cash; however, they’ll need to be impressed first. That situation places great importance on user experience.

We’ve compiled a list of a few of our favourite examples of great UX; brands that go beyond expectations and create delightful experiences. It’s not just about throwing resources at a website – we’re showcasing examples of how original thought, beautiful design and functionality can make a simple idea extraordinary.

Most important of all – and a lesson for all marketers – is that the user experience is FUN. - Highlight to share -

Virgin America

Wading through cluttered, awkward airline websites is often the worst thing about booking a trip. Virgin America has reinvigorated the process with its new website.


Using the full screen for booking is an elegant way to simplify the process. Making one choice at a time is, refreshingly, a much faster way to book a flight. The site looks incredible on any device, too.


The cheeky copy, cute characters and brilliant imagery come together to create an experience. It changes the way people think about Virgin America. We’re not all comedians, but tailoring every aspect of your communication toward the same simple aim is outrageously effective. Most important of all – and a lesson for all marketers – is that the user experience is FUN.


Here’s hoping Virgin America isn’t the only airline to take a forward-thinking approach to its online booking system.


On the gov.uk website there’s a section outlining the Government Digital Service’s design principles.

Check it out, because there are plenty of interesting points, but there’s one in particular we think sums the site’s philosophy up best:


Sure, it’s fine and dandy for a Government agency to say that – after all, they don’t have anything to sell, right? But there is something here for marketers as well. Gov.uk succeeds where so many others fail; because despite everything the site has, it lacks one thing: clutter.

It’s safe to say most businesses don’t have as much content to display as the Government, so there’s no excuse for a cluttered interface. Good UX can make even the biggest content library a pleasure to navigate.


Simple isn’t a bad word – in this case, simple is beautiful. The layout lends itself perfectly to cross-device responsiveness, which is executed flawlessly.


Despite being almost two years old, the site looks modern and fresh – and the comprehensive style guides for design and copy ensure a seamless user experience well into the future.

Reevoo’s Questionnaire

Time to toot our own horn here: we drastically redeveloped our review questionnaire. It looks better, performs better and gets us way more reviews than ever before (and we used to get plenty).


Designing the new questionnaire on mobile first was a real eye opener for us: we saw a 32% uplift in mobile submissions after A/B testing. It really reinforces the importance of responsive design, especially when consumers are your end users.

The lesson is: for best results, everything you do has to be seamless across devices. The increase in people writing reviews since the launch of the new questionnaire is proof.



Awwwards.com is usually seen giving out awards for design, creativity and innovation on the internet. This time, they get one from us!


The site is beautifully responsive, and knows when design must give way to functionality; i.e. the coloured circles containing judge’s scores turn into simple text numbers on mobile.

It’s extravagance meets purpose; a tradesman in a tutu. The key to this one is the fact that Awwwards hasn’t tried to throw all the bells and whistles in, despite knowing that the audience is likely to be looking through thick-rimmed glasses. The design community can be a harsh bunch – but I’m sure they agree that this website’s a cracker.

Great user experience is so seamless we don’t even realise how good it is. - Highlight to share -

They have a brilliantly designed blog as well.

Great user experience is so seamless we don’t even realise how good it is. As a result, it’s hard to know if you’re providing it. As a basic rule, if your customers aren’t complaining, you’re doing okay – but there’s always room for improvement. The only rule is test, test, test. You need to know how each small change affects your users so you can make their experience better.

You’ll be amazed at the positive effect an engaging, immersive web experience will have on your website’s conversion, time on site, bounce rate… whatever area of your website performance you want to strengthen, the answer almost always lies in the way you connect and interact with your customers.

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