Black Friday is the day after our American cousins decide to be thankful for the year’s harvest bounty and then eat too much turkey. So to shake themselves out of their food coma, they all rush to the shops to grab a bargain and do some Christmas shopping.

In Britain, we’ve started to think that this sounds like fun.

It’s become a shopping phenomenon that analysts predict could be one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Tills will be ringing, whether in-store or online.

Is your business prepared for the run up for Christmas and the peak that will be Black Friday? - Highlight to share -

Last year’s Black Friday was a success for British retailers (it is estimated that £810m was spent and another £720m on Cyber Monday). This year, it is predicted that spend will exceed £1 billion for the first time according to Which?

So is your business prepared for the run up for Christmas and the peak that will be Black Friday? Here’s our checklist of things to consider:

1. Start thinking about it now.

Canny shoppers are already researching what’s going to make it onto their shopping list.

2. Have you got your social media and digital marketing campaign prepared?

UK Twitter users mentioned #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday 269,000 times.

3. Make sure your server capacity is up to the task.

You can buy more space for a temporary amount of time.

4. Is your website mobile friendly?

With more and more shoppers being online but on the go – this goes without saying that a mobile optimised site will prove a great success.

5. Make a big deal out of it.

Currys is expecting such a great boost that they even have a Black Friday page up already. Having a mini-site up year-round (as long as the content stays fresh) is great for getting you on page 1 of the search results.

6. Think international.

Black Friday also happens in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Romania, Denmark, Sweden, France, South Africa and many other countries. Perhaps you could think outside the Amazon box and sell on sites like Newegg, PriceMinister and Rakuten.

7. Send out voucher or discount codes.

These will drive urgency and a clear route to purchase signalling a bargain. Voucher codes like these are great for getting people excited.

8. Increase your target audience.

You can take advantage of your Christmas sales to convert at a higher rate. Turn those window shoppers into purchasers by sending them emails gently reminding them if they’ve abandoned a shopping cart.

9. Make sure you tighten up security.

With so many credit card numbers and debit card details floating around, it’s the perfect time for hackers to strike.

We’ve seen first hand the way that savvy retailers can get the most out of Black Friday. With the expected increase in both web and foot traffic to your online and brick mortar stores, we hope these tips help you get behind the biggest shopping day of the year more than ever before.

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