Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. We’ll get you one step closer to being a fly on the wall.

  • Could a selfie change the world?

    The concept that a brand can have an impact on the way people live their lives sounds rather obvious in some regards. Items like dishwashers, vacuum cleaners and even mobile phones, once seen as life-changing luxuries, are now modern-day necessities. But which brands and products are revolutionising your day-to-day life at the moment? Here’s a little run-down […]

    Mitchel Nicholson 20th November 2015
  • The fall and rise of the auto industry

    It’s been a turbulent time for the car industry lately and the press has been having a field day. From the Volkswagen emission scandal, to spontaneous combustions at Vauxhall, it’s been a tough couple of months. So here’s a rundown of the seismic shifts in the auto industry. It’s about winning back customers… Auto-magazine, Edmunds reported, […]

    Mitchel Nicholson 13th November 2015
  • Recent digital rebrands rated

    They say the only constant in life is change and for companies, life in the digital era is no different. Information – and more importantly, reputation – travels at the speed of a mouse click or a tap on a smartphone. Customers’ opinions, as well as their demands, change just as quickly – and keeping […]

    Gustavo Machado 6th November 2015
  • How you can make your brand talk like a human, not a business

    The advent of social media has redefined what we perceive as a brand. Brands behave like humans, and humans have become brands. What used to be a virtual place for people to meet and interact is now a potent playground for brand marketers. No other media has ever challenged the communication skills of brands to […]

    Katharina Galla 7th September 2015
  • Forget Hans Christian Andersen: think Carmax when telling your brand story

    One of the most powerful selling tools is the ability to give a narrative to an otherwise motionless, lifeless object or scenario. You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘bring it home for people’; well that’s exactly what you want to do. This applies broadly to all forms of marketing. If someone is ever going to use […]

    Gustavo Machado 24th August 2015
  • The trust account

    It’s no secret – banks have a reputation problem. No matter how convenient they make their service, or how much money they save for their customers, their issue will always be brand perception. The tightrope for any brand is to ‘brag without bragging’ – trying to communicate what makes them special without patronising the audience. […]

    Edwin Bos 13th April 2015