Content marketing

Content is king, so get acquainted here – just don’t read on the throne.

  • The science behind SEO benefit

    Watch out: there have been important changes and updates to Google’s Panda algorithm. Make it as easy as possible for customers to find you on Google search and you’ll see the SEO benefit. The updates mean that user-generated content (UGC) like customer reviews are more valuable for improving your ranking than ever before. Here’s how it all works, and how […]

    Deepak Janakiraman 18th November 2016
  • Marketing and MVPs: The Kanye Philosophy

    Ok ok, I’ll get to Kanye in a second, but first, some background. We’ve been reading an interesting book in the office recently. Basically, it lays out the tasks required to build a product in five days: Day one: set the stage + unpack Day two: sketch Day three: decide Day four: prototype Day five: […]

    Mitchel Nicholson 17th March 2016
  • The battle of Apple and Samsung

    There are certain accepted rules in content marketing. It’s surprising then that Apple, one of the largest companies in the world, has continuously broken these ‘content marketing commandments’. But the company still manages to achieve unprecedented success in the history of telecoms. Apple doesn’t use standard Twitter accounts, Facebook profiles, or indeed have a blog. […]

    Marina Cheal 1st February 2016
  • Secrets from the viral marketing masters

    One of the hardest things for any marketer to do is create a unique piece of content that has broad or even mass appeal. Without the budget or existing brand following of the big guys, it’s almost impossible. So – why don’t we draw some inspiration from the campaigns that went right over the last […]

    Hannah Murray-Sykes 15th January 2016
  • The postmodernist’s guide to marketing

    If you think of digital marketing as just Very Modern Marketing, then 2016 can be thought of as the year where postmodernism begins. In many ways, the concepts that are being bandied about and heralded as groundbreaking simply seem to be the internet’s answer to old school marketing techniques, dipped in digital and with a fresh […]

    Hannah Murray-Sykes 12th January 2016
  • How to be a better person in 2016

    The web is always full of helpful advice on how to become a better person: in love, business or just in life generally. But we get it – life transformation can be tough. However, we can all agree on one resolution: to become better marketers. Here are the best resources we’ve found from all over […]

    Mitchel Nicholson 8th January 2016
  • What rocked the blog in 2015

    You could argue that Bruce Jenner got the makeover of the year, but in our eyes it was the Reevoo blog which underwent the most drastic transformation. To celebrate the new us as 2015 draws to a close, we thought we’d bring you the best of the blog from this magnificent, eventful year. Our latest […]

    Mitchel Nicholson 23rd December 2015
  • 5 content marketing predictions for 2016

    The end of the year always brings the inevitable tide of logrolling, predictions and roundups of the year that has just gone. So we’ve done the hard work for you and trudged through all the thought pieces on the future trends of 2016. Here are the top five content marketing predictions we found. 1. Instagram […]

    Mitchel Nicholson 18th December 2015
  • Do you know what people think of you?

    Nobody likes listening to a tone-deaf singer. A little wavering pitch here and there is forgivable, but the worst thing is when a terrible singer has no idea that they’re terrible, and that they have completely lost the audience. That’s why companies and their marketers need to pay attention to their audience. Lots of marketers think […]

    Marina Cheal 2nd December 2015