Content marketing

Content is king, so get acquainted here – just don’t read on the throne.

  • Do you know what people think of you?

    Nobody likes listening to a tone-deaf singer. A little wavering pitch here and there is forgivable, but the worst thing is when a terrible singer has no idea that they’re terrible, and that they have completely lost the audience. That’s why companies and their marketers need to pay attention to their audience. Lots of marketers think […]

    Marina Cheal 2nd December 2015
  • Happy customers, healthy budgets

    Your marketing budget is your nest egg, your baby. It’s precious, finite, and you don’t want to waste it on just anything. You’ve got to make the most of every penny. You also need content, and you’re not alone. According to the Economist Group, 93 per cent of companies planned to maintain or increase their […]

    Marina Cheal 11th November 2015
  • Branded content versus user-generated content

    78% of B2C businesses are planning on using UGC in their marketing efforts next year, so it’s clear that this is an issue which matters to marketers. As part of Social Media Week London, the Reevoo team decided to host a talk – which turned into a heated discussion – on branded media versus user-generated […]

    Ian Dollimore 16th September 2015
  • The power of visual

    Images capture moments, define concepts, they speak a universal language reaching beyond linguistic barriers. Basically, images transmit messages more effectively. When, on top of that, consumers have little time to process any information, knowing that humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than text is a vital fact for marketers. No wonder Instagram is becoming the […]

    Katharina Galla 29th July 2015
  • Brand, new

    You are who people say you are, and the same is true for brands. As Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon was quoted to say: “your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” Marketing departments can attempt to steer the conversation one way or another, depending on what image they […]

    Gustavo Machado 22nd July 2015
  • CRM is a hidden resource for your content marketing strategy

    CRM is said to be having a moment as a pivotal tool for data-driven advertising. Marketers are looking to tap into what they know about customers for banner ad buys. But what can CRM offer as a source for your brand’s content marketing strategy? Let’s take a look at the qualitative potential in CRM: that […]

    Katharina Galla 15th July 2015
  • How content could make you more popular in the office

    Fact: marketing departments generally feel underappreciated within companies. Fact: content marketing is one of the biggest marketing trends this decade. Content marketing is a great way to gather information about your customers – their likes, dislikes, preferences, etc. – but why should you confine that information to your team, when the rest of your company […]

    Hannah Murray-Sykes 12th January 2015
  • The 10 worst kinds of content marketers

    To create good content, the kind of stuff that people like looking at and will search out, you need to create content that’s valuable, relevant and consistent. It’s this approach, combined with a clear knowledge of your audience, which gets people buying what you’re selling, figuratively and literally. Another important thing – and it might […]

    Hannah Murray-Sykes 2nd December 2014