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  • VIDEO: Unpacking the Advocacy Economy

    Marketing royalty, corporate dignitaries and a who’s who of customer advocacy came together at The Club at The Ivy in June to talk about one of our new favourite subjects: the Advocacy Economy. Gathered to bestow us with some knowledge were our panellists: Evan Kypreos, editor-in-chief of Trusted Reviews Martin Moll, Campaign Magazine’s Power 100 Marketers 2016 and […]

    Ian Dollimore 16th August 2018
  • VIDEO: Our chat with Volvo

    We don’t pretend to know everything – but we do pride ourselves on hanging out with people who do. One of those people is Fredric Lundkvist, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing Experience at Volvo. I really wanted to chat with Fredric because Volvo, like most car brands, is going through amazing transformation at the moment. The […]

    Marina Cheal 27th June 2018
  • WEBINAR: How we became compliant with the GDPR

    As the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) frenzy draws to a close, and we start our new lives under its rule, we thought we’d give you an update on how it’s changed what we do at Reevoo. For us, it’s involved months of work, a stack of legal advice and a few changes to our […]

    Chris Houckham-West 21st June 2018
  • Matt Seaman, CEO, GoMedia

    If you don’t know Matt Seaman, you’ve definitely seen something created by one of his companies. Matt is the CEO of GoMedia, who provides on-board entertainment for the rail industry. Before that, he was one of the founders of Freeview, which of course anyone in the UK would know. Matt has a strong background in […]

    Richard Anson 1st May 2018
  • WEBINAR: The updated Reviews release

    UX/UI are four characters not to be messed with. With so many options available at the other end of your customer’s mouse, it’s crucial your online presence is as frictionless as possible. Remember, beauty is not skin deep. Optimising your site can improve your bottom line too. In fact, Forrester Research proved that a well-designed […]

    Cheresa Revill 23rd April 2018
  • Sebastian Peck, Managing Director, InMotion Ventures

    On this show I’ve spoken to a few people whose remit is to innovate from within big established brands. Sebastian Peck is one such person – he’s the MD of InMotion Ventures, the innovation arm of Jaguar Land Rover. InMotion is split into two very distinct parts; a traditional incubator, where his team have free […]

    Richard Anson 27th March 2018
  • How to collect more content with less surveys

    Modern business thrives on content and customer feedback. The more, the better. But for the consumer, that means a deluge of surveys and requests for everything they purchase. How can you think fondly about a purchase when you’re constantly annoyed by feedback requests? This ebook is all about being less annoying and collecting more data, […]

    Ian Dollimore 22nd March 2018
  • WEBINAR: Inside Reevoo Analytics

    Understanding your customers isn’t always straightforward. As a brand, you have to strike the balance between finding your customers when they’re talking about you, and proactively going out to get the information you need. If you spend too much time looking for the right conversations to eavesdrop on, you might end up wasting time and […]

    Jack Morel-Paulo 1st March 2018
  • Rob Weston, Global Brand & Marketing Director, M&S

    My latest chat was with Rob Weston, global brand and marketing director at M&S. Rob and I spoke about all the things that keep his job exciting, from the changing customer in retail, to the power of data and AI. Rob’s role at M&S is broader than most in retail, covering food, fashion and banking, […]

    Richard Anson 27th February 2018