• How to collect more content with less surveys

    Modern business thrives on content and customer feedback. The more, the better. But for the consumer, that means a deluge of surveys and requests for everything they purchase. How can you think fondly about a purchase when you’re constantly annoyed by feedback requests? This ebook is all about being less annoying and collecting more data, […]

    Ian Dollimore 22nd March 2018
  • Take it outside

    As marketers, we’re shooting arrows at a target that’s continually moving. All over the place. With rockets attached. As our customers pick up the next generation smartphone, or the newest tablet, we’re expected to be one step ahead. All while maintaining an engaging presence in store and in our marketing and advertising. It’s a tough […]

    Ian Dollimore 1st May 2016
  • Why you need UGC in your content marketing

    How do you create content that will be seen and valued by customers? Let the customers create it. Your marketing budget is your nest egg, your baby. It’s precious, finite, and you don’t want to waste it on just anything. You’ve got to make the most of every penny. But the problem is, customers don’t […]

    Ian Dollimore 10th February 2016
  • The 12 tales of Christmas

    As the weather cools down, and the decorations come out, a Christmas hunger builds in us all… No, not for turkey – it’s online shopping we feast upon! It’s by far the busiest time of the year for e-tailers, and it’s a nice time to pour a glass of eggnog, look at the data and […]

    Ian Dollimore 12th December 2015
  • The ratings and reviews success workbook

    When you ask businesses about ratings and reviews, you’ll hear one of two responses. The first is outright dismissal: not worth doing, with no real impact on sales, traffic or your bottom line. But ask another company and you’ll hear a totally different story. They’ll tell you that harnessing the Voice of the Customer in […]

    Ian Dollimore 24th April 2015
  • From the globe to the homepage

    Harnessing the power of the crowd There’s no going back. Guest reviews have transformed the travel industry and had a massive impact on every kind of hotelier, from the global chains to the smallest, independent B&B. Today, more than eight out of ten consumers check reviews before booking a hotel. They do so because peer […]

    Ian Dollimore 7th April 2015
  • More than a score

    “49% of people expect a company they have bought from before to provide them with a more personalised experience next time they shop.”* The connection between a brand and its customers used to be a one-way channel – but that’s not good enough for the modern consumer. They’re bombarded with corporate messaging, ads and sales […]

    Ian Dollimore 7th April 2015
  • Bad reviews are good for business

    Customers spend more than five times as long on site when they interact with bad reviews, trust the reviews they see far more and convert nearly 85% more often. Bad reviews and other negative feedback bring a host of benefits, from greater customer satisfaction to improved product development. This ebook is your complete overview of: […]

    Ian Dollimore 6th April 2015
  • How UGC can future proof your business

    The current generation of consumers are connected to a wider world from the moment they wake up to the moment they put out the light. Their window, for now at least, is the screen. As soon as they switch their smartphones or tablets on, people are in touch with their friends to swap ideas and […]

    Ian Dollimore 18th February 2015