Listen to People Tell Richard Stuff – our interview series where Richard Anson sits down with the best brains in business.

  • Andy Nairn, founding partner, Lucky Generals

    Today I’m sitting down with a founding partner of one of the hottest ad agencies in London – Andy Nairn from Lucky Generals. Andy co-founded Lucky Generals in 2013. The agency is responsible for almost all the good creative that’s going around at the moment, including my recent favourite: the Yorkshire Tea ‘Where Everything’s Done […]

    Richard Anson 25th July 2017
  • John Glen, economist

    I’ve had a lot of people on the podcast talking about innovation and the economy – but nobody as knowledgeable as economist John Glen. John is the director for the Centre for Customised Executive Development at Cranfield School of Management. He’s regularly commenting on UK and global macro-economics and the finance of football on BBC […]

    Richard Anson 11th July 2017
  • Ed Bussey, founder & CEO, Quill Content

    People talk a lot about how the ‘leadership mentality’ is a critical skill for a founder – well, Ed Bussey has it in his DNA. Ed’s the founder and CEO of Quill Content, a content creation platform that specialises in providing online businesses with ‘content at scale’. A former submariner with the Navy, Ed spent […]

    Richard Anson 27th June 2017
  • Tim Hughes, co-founder, Digital Leadership Associates

    This week on the show I’m welcoming Tim Hughes, co-Founder of Digital Leadership Associates. This episode is all about selling. Or, as Tim might redefine it – ‘helping people buy’. Tim’s been selling for 25 years, and has seen it change up close. Tim’s probably one of the better barometers you’ll find when it comes to […]

    Richard Anson 13th June 2017
  • Edward Griffith, co-founder & CEO, LoveCrafts

    For this podcast I sat down with Edward Griffith, co-founder and CEO of LoveCrafts. Edward has created a business that’s part ecommerce and part social network. Or, in the company’s words, “a community that would support and unite makers worldwide: a home where they can be inspired, connect, share and create.” Walking into LoveCrafts’ office […]

    Richard Anson 30th May 2017
  • Hayden Wood, co-founder, Bulb

    We’re going green for episode 40 – I sat down with Hayden Wood, one of the founders of the renewable energy company Bulb. Walking into Bulb’s office is a world away from what you’d get over at one of the ‘big 6’ energy companies. There’s a real startup vibe at bulb – so there should […]

    Richard Anson 16th May 2017
  • Malcolm Coles, chief content officer, DRIVETRIBE

    This week I’m talking to Malcolm Coles, ex-digital media director at the Telegraph, who’s now chief content officer at the new Clarkson/Hammond/May digital project DRIVETRIBE – a ‘social network for petrolheads’. Malcolm is a very articulate, outspoken and funny guy – and it was a pleasure hearing from him the vision of DRIVETRIBE. He’s lived […]

    Richard Anson 2nd May 2017
  • Kris Naudts, founder & CEO, Culture Trip

    In a classic case of startup culture, it was in a cosy server room where I spoke to Kris Naudts, a former psychiatrist and now founder and CEO of Culture Trip. Culture trip is a content publisher with the brains of a tech company. Kris started Culture Trip as a global company, and it’s now […]

    Richard Anson 18th April 2017
  • Phoebe Hugh, co-founder & CEO, Brolly

    I’m taking a trip down memory lane on the podcast today as I chat to Phoebe Hugh, the co-founder and CEO of insurance startup Brolly. Seeing the Brolly crew in their element reminded me of Reevoo in its early days – and judging from my chat with Phoebe, they have an exciting road ahead of […]

    Richard Anson 4th April 2017