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  • REPORT: Bank to the future

    In mid-2016, Good Rebels and Reevoo asked 7,500 16-25-year-olds across 6 countries to participate in a global study designed understand their attitudes, and to get under the skin of their experiences and behaviours around everyday banking. We revealed the full UK findings at an exclusive launch event and panel discussion held at the iconic Level39 […]

    Ian Dollimore 29th November 2016
  • The ratings & reviews landscape

    Ratings & reviews – important to customers, vital for your business. They’ve become a key part of every buyer’s journey, and are make or break for businesses when it comes to influencing a purchase. But not just any review will do – people don’t want store-bought, chemical pumped reviews, they want them fresh & organic, […]

    Ian Dollimore 26th August 2016
  • Value creation through the digital journey

    Our friends at Sophus3 held their annual automotive industry forum on the 9th March in London. The event welcomed over 100 marketing executives from 25 different automotive brands – as well as Reevoo founder, Richard Anson. Richard gave a talk about how different car brands have been harnessing good old human nature in the digital journey – you’ll find […]

    Ian Dollimore 27th July 2016
  • Is automotive driving women away?

    In 2025, UK women are expected to own 60% of personal wealth. That’s an awful lot of money to spend on cars. Different Spin, the automotive consumer insight company, surveyed 48,345 women and produced a report on their experience of the car industry as buyers and owners. And the results show that automotive has a problem when it […]

    Ian Dollimore 24th February 2016
  • Dude, where’s my car?

    Will millennials buy cars? Yes, but not as we know it. They’re less likely to get driving licences. They tend to take fewer car trips, and when they do, those trips are shorter. They’re also more likely than older generations to get around by alternative means: by foot, by bike, or by transit. In this […]

    Ian Dollimore 17th November 2015
  • User-generated content for SEO

    Website pages with embedded content are crawled 1.4x more than pages without content. The problem isn’t so much knowing what to write, it’s more scaling the content across thousands of products. Whilst a good e-commerce team can write about the products they sell, writing enough content to cover a growing inventory of products isn’t the […]

    Ian Dollimore 18th April 2015