Google moves fast, and without warning. Read our search engine optimisation tips. Essential for staying one step ahead of the search giant, and making sure you’re found – now and in the future.

  • 6 SEO factors to be thinking about in 2018

    January can be a blue month – especially when your social feeds are clogged up with every armchair Nostradamus making marketing predictions that never seem to happen. Well, this one’s a little different. It’s our 2018 guide to SEO. No VR, no flying cars – just actual, actionable things you need to think about if […]

    Tom Telford 25th January 2018
  • How to be seen in the age of search intent

    It’s a familiar situation. You’re out for lunch with a friend, talking about something and a question comes up. Who won the FA Cup in 1934? When’s the next screening of Wonder Woman? What kind of cable would I need to copy Jonny’s awesome home cinema setup? In all these situations, technology is trying to […]

    Jack Morel-Paulo 27th July 2017
  • The science behind SEO benefit

    Watch out: there have been important changes and updates to Google’s Panda algorithm. Make it as easy as possible for customers to find you on Google search and you’ll see the SEO benefit. The updates mean that user-generated content (UGC) like customer reviews are more valuable for improving your ranking than ever before. Here’s how it all works, and how […]

    Deepak Janakiraman 18th November 2016
  • The nitty-gritty of content-powered SEO

    Search engine optimisation (SEO) has, itself, been optimised to within an inch of its life. That gives the customer a whole lot of nothing when it comes to variety in its search results. Sure, brands are doing it ‘right’ – but when everyone’s doing it right, you’ve gotta get a bit creative. Jos Davies is […]

    Ian Dollimore 9th June 2016
  • Using UGC to improve SEO

    Trying to improve SEO? Your customers can do it for you. When it comes to SEO, content is always held up as crucial. But what about user-generated content (UGC)? Should it be part of your SEO strategy? UGC, like customer conversations and reviews, can provide incredibly meaningful data, particularly when you’re looking to improve SEO. This data can help you […]

    Hannah Murray-Sykes 22nd February 2016