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Life’s better with friends. Our tips on how to engage, entertain and sell on social media.

  • How to do a UGC social media campaign right

    When the people at boiler manufacturer Baxi saw their Reevoo customer satisfaction score of 98% from real, verified customers, they knew it was worth shouting about. Putting a customer score on a billboard is one thing — but Baxi went a stage further. They took their stupendous score of 98% and built a creative social […]

    Jeno Villaverde 19th December 2017
  • How to use your reviews and UGC on social media

    For most businesses, social media has become an extension of customer service; a quick, constant and low-cost way to keep in touch with an audience. It’s effective, too. People who engaged with a brand on social media on a daily basis were likely to make twice as many purchases from that brand than someone who engages […]

    Jeno Villaverde 21st July 2017
  • Unpacking Santander’s novel approach to social media

    It’s no secret that banks are changing. For a long time, they were the long-established institutions that we had to work around. They set the agenda and customers had to like it or lump it. We visited, we queued, we made formal meetings with managers, we queued some more – somehow we kept our cool. […]

    Marina Cheal 15th June 2017
  • Confessions of a social media manager

    This is the second in our ‘Confessions…’ series where we go behind the scenes and ask professionals in media, marketing and sales to share their dirty secrets (anonymously). We’ve spoken to a newspaper comments editor about the UGC he receives from readers (yes, looking at you Ronnie) and now we turn our attention to the […]

    Ian Dollimore 12th August 2016
  • Death and taxes

    Save perhaps funeral services, it’s difficult to think of an industry which has a harder time putting a positive spin on its marketing than life insurance provision. This wasn’t such a major problem when the traditional routes were still king in terms of reaching a relevant audience, but the seismic shift in influence towards digital […]

    Gustavo Machado 7th October 2015
  • How banks and financial institutions can use the power of social media

    The banking and finance sector faces a major challenge when it comes to connecting with customers on social media. It’s one they face in the actual media and face to face too. There’s just something about the nature of their industry that the general populace seems to find tedious and uninspiring. In many ways, this difficulty has […]

    Hannah Murray-Sykes 1st October 2015
  • Timing is everything when it comes to promoted tweets

    A good blacksmith knows to strike while the iron is hot. Likewise, a good marketing department knows that to wield the wonderful tool of promoted tweets most effectively, timing is everything. To get the most out of your marketing budget, you need to know the best moments. Here are three: 1. Coinciding with an event Whether […]

    Hannah Murray-Sykes 9th September 2015
  • Five dos and definitely don’ts of sponsored tweets

    Twitter is great. Well, it can be. Especially for companies that want to engage with their customers directly. But how do you reach a wider audience than just your followers? Sponsored tweets allow companies to pay to have their message reach users who are not following them, and get exponentially more eyes on their product […]

    Hannah Murray-Sykes 27th July 2015
  • Let’s get visual

    Facebook is fast becoming the new search engine; for many, a portal to news, editorial content and Ladbible videos. Just like the search engines, it’s tough for marketers to navigate Facebook’s complicated algorithms. Twitter’s linear traffic-jam style means tweets disappear like smoke in the air within seconds. Advertisers are looking to more niche social networks […]

    Ian Dollimore 3rd February 2015