User-generated content

User-generated content in all its forms is one of the most powerful forces in modern commerce. Brands that harness it are set for success.

  • How to build an electric car brand

    Now it’s no secret that the automotive industry is in the midst of a big drive to build the most powerful electric car brands. It also plans to increase the number of electric and low-emission vehicles it offers to the public. It’s also no secret that, across Europe, governments are also trying to lessen the shock […]

    Marina Cheal 13th December 2016
  • Can you crowdsource a concept car?

    I’m always interested by what leaders in the car industry are predicting. It’s an industry where tech is vital and consumer buy-in even more so. It’s also an industry which is gearing up for a massive shake-up – will car brands go the way of Kodak as car sharing becomes ubiquitous? Will car sharing even […]

    Marina Cheal 1st December 2016
  • All you need to know about customer feedback surveys

    Everybody’s got something to say and everybody has their opinion. (Some more than others… mum) That’s a fact of life. So how can you transform the fact that people love to talk about themselves into a way to increase conversion? The answer is customer feedback surveys and we’re going to show you how to use […]

    Hannah Murray-Sykes 3rd November 2016
  • How insurers can encourage brand loyalty

    The nature of trust is changing and, with it, the nature of brand loyalty. The change is especially evident in the insurance industry, where trust and emotion are front of mind when people are making their decisions. Insurers, we know – earning and keeping trust is tough. It’s something we discussed at length in our webinar in May. […]

    Hannah Murray-Sykes 8th August 2016
  • Car interiors: the new differentiator?

    It’s getting harder and harder to work out which cars are better than others these days. I used to love my old soft top, but it did have a tendency to break down. I remember going on a road trip that was cut short by a faulty engine – luckily, we stopped right near the beach, […]

    Marina Cheal 29th July 2016
  • Social media content VS user-generated content

    We often get asked about the difference between UGC (user-generated content) and social media content. Different people might say different things, but we’ll share with you how we explain it – and what each one is good for. For us, social media content is something you can neither curate nor control. People are only sharing for […]

    Mitchel Nicholson 25th July 2016
  • Confessions of a newspaper letters editor

    User-generated content can take many forms. In fact, since we’re all users, we’re kinda creating it all the time. We thought it would be fun to look at user-generated content in a different way. To talk to people who deal with ‘users’, and the content they create, in their day jobs. First up, someone who’s […]

    Mitchel Nicholson 11th July 2016
  • 6 US auto campaigns that nail UGC

    Few purchases are more personal than your next car. However, buying a car is one of the largest financial commitments most of us will ever make as well as one of the staples of the American Dream. And that’s why the industry is so ripe for good UGC advertising. According to a report by Tubular Labs, the […]

    Marina Cheal 29th June 2016
  • 8 weird (and useful) ways we use UGC

    It’s not just brands that are using UGC; average folks like you and me use UGC in wonderful and unexpected ways every single day – whether we’re driving, eating, running or spinning some tunes. We take a look below at some of the most fascinating and useful ways people use UGC in their daily lives, and […]

    Mitchel Nicholson 23rd June 2016