User-generated content

User-generated content in all its forms is one of the most powerful forces in modern commerce. Brands that harness it are set for success.

  • David VS Goliath: How your travel company can take back control from TripAdvisor

    TripAdvisor is the Google of the travel world – a vast behemoth you can’t afford to avoid. People used to go there for honest, unbiased reviews of hotels, restaurants, and activities by fellow travellers. Not anymore. The bigger it gets, the less trustworthy it gets. Remember what happened to Goliath, the giant that everyone thought […]

    Jaz Sidhu 10th July 2017
  • Is the Citymapper bus a preview of realtime UGC?

    Is there anything more idyllic than travelling across a busy city? From nuzzling into someone’s armpit to enjoying the calming influence of traffic, roadworks and faulty signals, there are so many highlights to enjoy. Then again, non-armpit fans might disagree. The folks at Citymapper certainly do. Which is why the self-professed “ultimate transport app” recently […]

    Ian Dollimore 21st June 2017
  • Have travel companies missed the point of user-generated content?

    Holidays are made for user-generated content. That camera around a tourist’s neck? It’s a marketer’s best friend. Whatever the holiday, people are capturing beautiful little moments the entire time. But when they return home, and the company they booked with asks about their trip, they normally end up with stuff like this… Where are those […]

    Marina Cheal 19th June 2017
  • What’s the real essence of the travel industry?

    What happens when you’re on holiday? You make memories you want to share. It was a no-brainer for British Airways Holidays to start asking customers to share their holiday memories in the form of reviews, stories and photos. But it was the possibilities of what they could do with that user-generated content (UGC) which was […]

    Hannah Murray-Sykes 26th May 2017
  • 4 tips for collecting high-quality UGC

    Everyone’s a content creator these days. But who are the editors? Reviews, photos, videos, mini-stories and quotes from customers are jam-packed in almost every brand and retailer’s website and social media channels. Take a quick look and it becomes obvious that despite the riches of quantity, there is a real issue with quality of content. […]

    Richard Anson 23rd May 2017
  • UGC wars: Millennials VS baby boomers

    In recent years, UGC has become the holy grail of content marketing. 81% of consumers actively seek out user-generated content (UGC) when browsing a company’s website (see more proof here). But it’s not quite as simple as all that. We came across a survey conducted by the earned content platform Olapic in AdWeek at the beginning […]

    Ian Dollimore 16th March 2017
  • 5 weird and wonderful ways UGC is going to revolutionise insurance

    Insurance is a trillion-dollar industry, and it’s also one dominated by very old institutions. So it’s catnip for disruption. And a big part of this inevitable disruption of the insurance industry will be driven by user-generated content (UGC). InsurTech startups, as they’re known, are promising to make insurance less of an adversarial industry and more customer-focused. Just think of the number of times […]

    Marina Cheal 1st March 2017
  • What makes a perfect product page?

    A great product page should inspire, inform and reassure your customers. It should act as the ultimate online salesperson. And all good salespeople know that customers have more information at their disposal than ever. People are beyond just listening to celebrity spokespeople and paid endorsers, or getting the official brand spin. They want to hear a story when […]

    Hannah Murray-Sykes 1st February 2017
  • How to build an electric car brand

    Now it’s no secret that the automotive industry is in the midst of a big drive to build the most powerful electric car brands. It also plans to increase the number of electric and low-emission vehicles it offers to the public. It’s also no secret that, across Europe, governments are also trying to lessen the shock […]

    Marina Cheal 13th December 2016