2016 was a tough year for globalisation. And this year will be even tougher. People like my guest on the podcast, Claude Grunitzky, have their work cut out for them.

Claude is what people call a ‘global storyteller’. A citizen of the world, Claude tells stories through culture, not geography. It’s this approach that’s made his brand of content – through Trace TV & magazine, agency True 212, and his new venture True Africa – so attractive to global brands and audiences.


We talked about:
• ‘Transculturalism’ and what it means for business;
• How Claude got his start with Jefferson Hack in the early days of Dazed;
• Creating communities around culture, not location;
• The outdated ‘journalist knows best’ mentality;
• Do influencers even know they’re influencers?
• The effect of ‘anti-globalisation’ forces like Brexit and Trump on culture and content;
• How to pick a trend by people-watching;
• Africa as a new tech hub;
• Hybrid publishing and why digital publishers can’t make money anymore;
• And how to differentiate yourself as an entrepreneur.

People Tell Richard Stuff: Episode 31
Claude Grunitzky, journalist, editor and entrepreneur

Claude Grunitzky, journalist, editor and entrepreneur