For episode 20 of the podcast I welcome David Prasher, MD of Haymarket Consumer Media.

Haymarket publishes titles like What Car?, Campaign, FourFourTwo, PRWeek and loads more. However, I’m more interested in talking to David because I reckon Haymarket is a great example of a big, old company thinking like a small, young one.

david prasher

Haymarket is deeply involved in the startup world – the company works with an accelerator, and regularly brings startups in-house. Its remit is also widening – from ‘publisher’ to ‘media specialist’. I asked David about that and plenty more.

We talked about:
•  The changes and disruptions affecting publishers;
•  The constraints of being known as a publisher;
•  How to play in new channels (and whether to play at all);
•  Why online magazines didn’t really work;
•  How a 110 year old magazine has survived until today;
•  Brands as publishers and content producers;
•  The importance of a legacy in the content and publishing world;
•  The changing revenue model in publishing;
•  How data is helping brands manage their ad spend better;
•  The new breed of people Haymarket is hiring;
•  And Haymarket’s relationship with startups.

David Prasher on…

What media means today

In a digital world now, we have consumers consuming products and our content on many different channels, ranging from a 300-page magazine, to a 140-character tweet, and those are all media. And, we have to apply the same expertise to the 300-page magazine, as to the 140-character tweet.

Why brands need media

We’re talking to the consumers in that last mile, when they’re wanting to buy something, or they’re showing an advocacy. And they’re not doing that on a brand website, or they’re not doing that in a brand environment, other than maybe in a bricks and mortar retail environment. So, we’re actually seeing quite a lot of traction with brands, where we’re working together with them, to help inform them, which ultimately helps inform us in what we’re trying to help them achieve.

Why curation is important

Everybody’s a publisher, but not everybody’s an editor.

The need for joined-up thinking

Everybody can have content, everybody can have data, but actually putting those two things together in that trusted environment and seeing the outcomes that that generates, is a very attractive thing for brands.

People Tell Richard Stuff: Episode 20
David Prasher, Managing Director, Haymarket Consumer Media

David Prasher, managing director, Haymarket Consumer Media