There’s not many people with a more impressive retail CV than today’s podcast guest, David Walmsley.

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David was appointed House of Fraser’s chief customer officer in mid-2016 after more than 20 years at retailers such as John Lewis, Dixons and Marks & Spencer. It’s an outstanding pedigree – you can see why I was keen to get him on the show!

We talked about:
• What a chief customer officer role actually means (and it’s not what you might think!);
• Mixing heritage and innovation;
• David’s 3-point plan for the House of Fraser brand;
• How to create those sought-after moments of surprise and delight;
• What does multichannel mean to the customer?
• Customer data, data plumbing and getting it right;
• Why ROI isn’t the be all and end all;
• David’s thoughts on customer lifetime value;
• Collecting customer feedback. and the view HoF takes;
• And what he’d do with an unlimited marketing budget.

People Tell Richard Stuff: Episode 32
David Walmsley, Chief Customer Officer, House of Fraser

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David Walmsley, Chief Customer Officer, House of Fraser