We’ve been covering this new guard of startup ‘challenger banks’ for a while now – so I had to talk to Deborah Keay, chief marketing officer at Starling Bank.


Starling is one of four or five smartphone-only banks which offer a more intuitive, lifestyle-based approach to managing money. These banks are all coming through at the same time (expect them in the summer), and face a challenge to fight for market share. It’s an interesting time to be in banking!

We talked about:
• Starling’s differentiators in the market;
• What ‘being a bank’ actually means;
• Why banks have traditionally struggled to innovate;
• A bank’s responsibility to help people with their money;
• How a new bank can gain trust (and customers);
• Why Starling doesn’t want people to switch straight away;
• How Starling’s revenue model will be different;
• Where good talent comes from;
• What ‘mobile’ means for big banks;
• And where Deborah sees Starling in 5 years.

People Tell Richard Stuff: Episode 33
Deborah Keay, Chief Marketing Officer, Starling Bank

Deborah Keay, chief marketing officer, Starling Bank