This week we’re talking Dom Perkins, commercial development director at Time Inc.

Dom’s a big data guy – and I found it fascinating to talk to him about the intersection of data, content and programmatic advertising.

dom perkins

Time Inc.’s global operations combine to more than 150 million unique views a month and the UK arm houses brands such as Marie Clare, NME, InStyle, Wallpaper* and much more. Part of Dom’s job is to treat those audiences like individuals with relevant advertising.

We talked about:
•  How Time Inc. is now selling audiences, not brands;
•  The online and offline reading habits of Time Inc’s audience;
•  The dramatic shift towards mobile consumption (and how to track it);
•  Some of the brands Time Inc. works with;
•  How Time Inc’s ‘human’ style of programmatic advertising works;
•  And the industry that’s picking up on programmatic better than any other.

Dom Perkins on…

Realising the value of  the audience:

Advertisers ‘don’t ever look at brands, they’re not interested in brands, they’re interested in audiences, and they’re interested in how that audience engages with that vertical.’

… And realising the value of the brand:

Publishers need to embrace the idea that our brands are hugely strong, and hugely respected, and they live on other platforms and, you know, I think this will only develop further and further.

Becoming a production company:

I always view the content we produce almost like TV net, where we become the production company. Our brands are really important, but we become the production company and this has been happening for years on ITV and Sky, where you put your content onto those platforms.

Embracing programmatic:

Publishers have started to embrace programmatic. They are able to go to market with a full suite of technology products, to work with the buyer side and say, right, here is the best inventory that you can buy targeting your audience. The agency now, though, is being more of a consultancy again.’

People Tell Richard Stuff: Episode 19
Dom Perkins, Commercial Development Director, Time Inc.

Dom Perkins, commercial development director, Time Inc.