Harnessing the power of the crowd

There’s no going back. Guest reviews have transformed the travel industry and had a massive impact on every kind of hotelier, from the global chains to the smallest, independent B&B.

Today, more than eight out of ten consumers check reviews before booking a hotel. They do so because peer reviews inject the most valuable commodity in this high-stakes, often emotive, purchase decision: trust.

In theory, the rise in popularity of ratings and reviews should be a win-win proposition:

Travellers win because they find the best hotels for their say, based on peer opinion.

Hotels win because traveller reviews because traveller reviews are proven to drive bookings and dramatically increase online conversion rates.

But, in reality, even the best-managed hotels have started to see a darker side to the way the market currently uses reviews. Specifically, the power of review-driven hotel aggregators such as TripAdvisor – the industry’s thousand-pound gorilla – have tipped the balance of power away from hotels in an alarming way.

This ebook outlines some of the problems in the current market approach to reviews. It also presents a way for you, the hotelier, to redress the balance of power and make social content work for your business, on your own website (or sites).

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