When you ask businesses about ratings and reviews, you’ll hear one of two responses.

The first is outright dismissal: not worth doing, with no real impact on sales, traffic or your bottom line.

But ask another company and you’ll hear a totally different story. They’ll tell you that harnessing the Voice of the Customer in all forms – reviews, recommendations, social integration – is an unbeatable way to attract, engage, retain and understand your customers better – and the ROI is impressive.

The difference between disappointing results and success comes down to how businesses are using this content. A few years ago, just having reviews on your site made you stand out from the crowd, increasing your conversion and bringing in more repeat customers.

Here’s the reality: the way consumers buy has moved on, and forward looking businesses have too.

This workbook is your guide to putting the latest development in ratings and reviews to work.

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The ratings and reviews success workbook