People talk a lot about how the ‘leadership mentality’ is a critical skill for a founder – well, Ed Bussey has it in his DNA.

Ed’s the founder and CEO of Quill Content, a content creation platform that specialises in providing online businesses with ‘content at scale’.

A former submariner with the Navy, Ed spent time in the Foreign Office and studied at Cambridge before making a transition to entrepreneurship, starting and exiting the ecommerce site Figleaves and now Quill.

Ed’s a fascinating guy, and the way he breaks down the different levels of content is worth a listen.

If you’re after the exact stat Ed mentions towards the end of our chat, it’s from the  Gartner CMO Spend Survey 2016- 17:

“Investments in content creation and management have doubled over the last year from 0.3% of revenue to 0.7% of revenue”

We talked about:
• Ed’s mindset, and how it lends itself to leadership & entrepreneurship;
• The importance of culture;
• How leadership in the forces compares to leadership in the workplace;
• The meaning of ‘content’ to different people, and Ed’s definition;
• What level of content is most important;
• How content directly drives conversion;
• The surprising truth about a brand’s tone of voice;
• Which teams are leading content/tone of voice strategy;
• How retailers and fashion brands can use content to compete with the big marketplaces;
• AI content creation;
• And Ed’s trip to the North Pole.

People Tell Richard Stuff: Episode 43
Ed Bussey, Founder & CEO, Quill Content

Ed Bussey, founder & CEO, Quill Content