For this podcast I sat down with Edward Griffith, co-founder and CEO of LoveCrafts. Edward has created a business that’s part ecommerce and part social network. Or, in the company’s words, “a community that would support and unite makers worldwide: a home where they can be inspired, connect, share and create.”

Edward posing with an impressive knitting project

Walking into LoveCrafts’ office and chatting to a couple of people busy knitting, it became immediately obvious that this was a company where people really enjoy what they do.

LoveCrafts’ rate of growth is astonishing for a business built in such a particular market. After starting in London in 2012, it took just three months for over 20% of its business to come from outside the UK. Edward has now built a physical presence in three countries – I was especially interested to hear his thoughts on expansion.

We talked about:
• Taking business ideas from your significant other;
• The lessons Edward learnt from the power of social;
• The struggles faced when choosing a demographic in a broad sector;
• The similarities of knitting and coding;
• Using tracking data to be helpful instead of creepy (with examples of who’s doing it right);
• LoveCrafts’ process of building offices overseas;
• And tips for entrepreneurs starting out.

People Tell Richard Stuff: Episode 41
Edward Griffith, co-Founder & CEO, LoveCrafts

Edward Griffith, co-founder & CEO, LoveCrafts