Penny pincher? High roller? We’re all very different when it comes to money, what we do with it and how we feel about it.

We connected with five millennials to ask them a little bit about how they conduct their financial affairs.

Here is a cross-section of people from our little green, white and blue planet talking about making, spending and saving some green of their own.

Someone “in the know” is 31-year-old financial analyst Mary, originally from Norfolk, Virginia in the US and currently living in London.

Mary the millennial

Tell us about yourself!

I’m a fun-loving girl who likes Six Nations rugby, and food and wine. By day, I’m a career-driven financial analyst at a small consultancy in the City. I like yoga, volunteering and travelling, especially to visit my family at home  – which is quite expensive because I’m from the States.

An app might be a way of achieving my long-term goal to spend less and be careful about how and where I spend money. - Mary, 31 -

What are you like with your money?

As a financial analyst I should probably be more financially responsible, but really I’m pretty sporadic. When it comes to my personal finances, when I remember to do something I will, but that isn’t very often. I prefer to go in to the bank to have discussions regarding decisions or financial moves because if someone isn’t right in front of me, I won’t pay attention. That’s why it’s great that my banks from both the US and the UK will communicate with one another, so I can make transfers and get the best deals possible without too much work at my end.

Seeing as I’m a professional in the sector, I seek advice from colleagues, mostly, and will go in-branch for everything else. I do use contactless payments, but don’t use any banking apps as I prefer to speak to someone directly. But often I think an app might be a way of achieving my long-term goal to spend less and be careful about how and where I spend money.

Typically it takes a person a while to get that kind of information for me, but an app could collate it constantly.

Bob, a 25-year-old German, is originally from Magdeburg but now lives in Bath.

Bob the millennial

Tell us about yourself!

I would describe myself as a film and food connoisseur with an eye for tech and a keen interest in entertainment and the arts. I don’t drink so I find keeping my company varied and plentiful is the best way to be. I’m a fully trained customer service manager with a degree in IT Systems Management.

What are you like with your money?

I keep a keen eye on my finances, using my phone app daily. I really prefer a good old-fashioned in-branch chat, a mix of the old school and the new, if I need to discuss my financial options, but I will tend to seek financial advice from my family first. I like my current style financially and I have a good balance. I would always want to earn more, but I’m happy and save where I can.

Kelly is a 28-year-old American who works in tech startups. She’s originally from Washington DC.

Kelly the millennial

Tell us about yourself!

I’m a bibliophile obsessed with French films and Nordic Noir TV. I have a love of good wine (any old wine actually) and an unquenchable thirst for travelling. I’m at my happiest when eating, writing, reading, yoga-ing and (clearly) making up verbs. In my professional life I work in digital marketing and business development and have experience both sides of the Atlantic.

What are you like with your money?

I’m really methodical when it comes to my personal finances. I use spreadsheets and lists and I know where all my money is, be that the out-going, in-coming or what I have invested.

I take most of my financial advice from my own accountant and secondary to that I read to keep up to date. I keep my money in many different banks and I trust them all to relative degrees. Some of my accounts are more than 20 years old (which makes me feel old), and because of the length of my time with some banks I get really personalised service.

I don’t use mobile apps, as in my experience they aren’t very user friendly. Long term I’d like to pay more attention to quarterly and yearly statements for a higher-level view of where my money is spent.

Sam is a 26-year-old freelance copywriter from Northamptonshire in the UK.

Sam the millennial

Tell us about yourself!

Educationally, my background is in the arts and humanities area. I love cycling, travelling, drumming and good beer so it’s music, riding, mates and adventures for me. I have a keen attitude towards money – I know that I need it and I look after what I have but I don’t have delusions of grandeur.

I’m looking for the next adventure, whatever that might be, and trying to save for a rainy day in between. - Sam, 26 -

What are you like with your money?

I’m looking for the next adventure, whatever that might be, and trying to save for a rainy day in between. I do not count myself as wealthy but I want to one day earn what I know the sum of my talents is worth. I know that I have expensive tastes as well so that requires cash. Minus the filing cabinets, I have a good understanding of where my money’s at and I like to look into the best places to save and keep my options open. I’m a saver not an investor at this time in my life, though I’d like to change that longer term. I take on board family and friends’ opinions on financial decisions and I will always seek out those who work in the sector to point me in the right direction.

Maybe someone who works in private equity can show us how it’s done… even if she’s a bit shy for a photo. Here’s 31-year-old Juliette, who’ll surely put us on the right track.

Juliette the millennial

Tell us about yourself!

I love mostly being at home tinkering. My day job is as a senior financial associate in London.

What are you like with your money?

I would count myself as a saver. I put about 15 per cent of my salary into pensions and funds, but I always feel poor so I don’t think I’m that good at it. I’m trying to save for my wedding so I have something wonderful to motivate me to save. I don’t really see myself as wealthy – I have a high income but no assets.

I’m very methodical when it comes to my financial management. I know where everything is and I have a strong controlling influence on what goes on with my finances. I trust my banks because I work in the sector and I use the macro updates at work to help steer my decision-making. I know that ISAs are a bit rubbish at the moment so I pick funds on the basis of what I hear at work and this has been successful so far. I do invest as well as save, so I have stocks and shares in addition to ISAs. I will use my mobile app to observe and manage my finances.

Maybe millennials are more careful with money than we give them credit for – or, at least, more aware of the need to manage their finances. And perhaps that’s something the banks need to address if they want millennials to take them along for the ride.

We ask five millennials what they do with their money