We’re going green for episode 40 – I sat down with Hayden Wood, one of the founders of the renewable energy company Bulb.

Hayden Wood

Walking into Bulb’s office is a world away from what you’d get over at one of the ‘big 6’ energy companies. There’s a real startup vibe at bulb – so there should be, they’re trying to change the energy industry.

Bulb is stripping out all the complicated stuff and offering all customers a single tariff. Hayden explains how they keep that tariff low while making sure the energy is renewable – you’ll have to listen to find out his secrets.

We talked about:
• How Bulb differs from other energy companies (both practically and in spirit);
• The inefficiencies Hayden and his co-founder Amit’s saw in the industry;
• The politics of switching suppliers and how to empower people;
• Bulb’s marketing channels, junk mail and the power of word-of-mouth;
• Making energy fun and accessible through social media;
• Building trust in a sector that lacks it;
• Bulb’s secret to arming a community of advocates (and the benefits of it);
• And how Hayden sees technology changing the energy industry.

People Tell Richard Stuff: Episode 40
Hayden Wood, co-Founder, Bulb

Hayden Wood, co-founder, Bulb