The web is always full of helpful advice on how to become a better person: in love, business or just in life generally. But we get it – life transformation can be tough. However, we can all agree on one resolution: to become better marketers.

Here are the best resources we’ve found from all over the web to get you off to a great start in 2016.

Make friends and influence people

Is 2016 the year you become a thought leader? These helpful tips from Newscred might help you become the new Mary Meeker. The article didn’t underestimate the importance of online recommendations in building a receptive audience (and the same goes for building an engaged customer base):

“Digital behaviour very much follows a herd mentality, considering that 79% of online consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.”

Keystone habits in companies are hard to kick but once you kick one, a whole set of bad habits can subsequently tumble down. - Highlight to share -

Harvard Business Review also tried to distil the secrets of the super bosses. Turns out it’s pretty simple:

Focus on intelligence, creativity, and flexibility.

Now, go forth and conquer.

Teach old dogs new tricks

Keystone habits in marketing departments are hard to kick – but once you kick one, a whole set of bad habits can subsequently tumble down. And, as Aristotle said:

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

Nice one, Aristotle! This Percolate article is an insightful look at how companies can kick habits once and for all.

Foster a 'culture of compassionate love.' - Highlight to share -

But if you think you’re too old to change, read this Harvard Business Review article about how age and gender affect self-improvement. It might surprise you:

“Males show improving self-confidence up until their early 40s, experience a mid-life dip, then experience rising confidence again until their mid-50s. At that point, their confidence tends to decline. Women, on the other hand, start out less confident, but show steady increases from their mid-20s until their mid-60s, ending up more confident than the men.”

There’s hope for us all.

Don’t be afraid to get emotional

2016 isn’t just about you. This Harvard Business Review article analysed how company culture affects productivity – and lets you into how you can foster a ‘culture of compassionate love.’ Sounds delightful.

And if you’re having difficulty fostering a culture of compassionate love within yourself, have a look at this LinkedIn article on what unhappy people do too much of.

And some other more practical ideas on the ‘life’ front:

1. Shut off your computer and phone and go for a run.
2. Speak to your colleagues face to face.
3. Give up booze for the month (Mashable’s got some good tips on this).

So, 2016 – we’re ready for you. Bring it on!

How to be a better person in 2016