Guerrilla marketing may sound daunting – and a bit VICE – but it’s worth considering for your strategy because of three very important factors. First, it’s cheap; it can even cost nothing. Second, if it’s done well, it should have lots of impact, online and off. And finally, it’s great for community engagement. So what are the best ways to get the most engagement from your guerrilla marketing campaign?

1. Make sure you’re ready

It would be against the spirit of guerrilla marketing for it to seem staged – sort of like Larry David organising a flash mob – but your campaign has to be as effortlessly preened as bed head. Make sure you’re ready with the copy, the artwork, the props, the instructions and the social strategy well before the big day.

Scout out your location before, and let local businesses and people know what you’re doing and how they can participate. Then they can get involved with your stunt and help integrate their own marketing strategy to further amplify yours.

2. Make sure your team is ready

Some of your team members may be more shy than others but it’s important to get everyone involved and on board to keep morale high. A lot of energy is needed on these kind of group activities so you can’t afford to have any drainers! Make sure everyone is behind the message you’re trying to communicate and it might be a good opportunity to revisit your brand manifesto.

Make sure everyone is behind the message you're trying to communicate. - Highlight to share -

Delegate sensitively: Some may be more comfortable behind the scenes while others have been waiting for the opportunity to wield a megaphone.

3. Make sure you’re ready on the day

Sounds obvious but make sure everyone is properly equipped for the weather. Make sure everyone is wrapped up warm or has rain gear. It will be a long day.

Have a set of objectives for the day itself. Have a target for the amount of flyers you want to hand out, number of people you want to get details from, or the magic number of people you want to get on video.

And if you’re planning on videoing the guerrilla activity – which is a great way to extend the stunt’s longevity – make sure you film non stop. After editing and after producing material for all your platforms and social channels, filming for an hour or so may not yield enough footage.

Stay clear sighted about what you can achieve. Most people will walk past you as you try and engage (we’re British after all) but remember that if you can transform a couple of strangers into brand ambassadors, you’ve done a lot.

4. Make sure you’re ready for the aftermath – and that the aftermath makes sense

If people decide to look at your website because of a scene they’ve witnessed, or a Tweet they’ve seen, make sure they’re greeted with that when they visit you online. Make sure that your guerrilla marketing stunt is promoted across all your channels and in a suitable fashion – people don’t like to watch long videos unless it’s the new Apocalypse Now.

Other good tips (that are also about being ready):

5. Small is sometimes better

You might dream of filming something in New York City, or even Oxford Street, but sometimes local and smaller-scale is better. It’s also a good way to connect with customers on a more authentic level.

6. Groom your influencers before

Make sure you’ve selected a few influencers who will be suitable to spread the word before and after the campaign. If they’re aware of the hashtag and what to look out for before the event, they’re more likely to promote it.

7. Align your campaign with an event or charity

In terms of UCG for generating awareness, charities having been paving the way. If you can align your guerrilla marketing campaign with an event, like a festival, or offer to donate to charity anytime a product or service is bought because of the stunt, it could make engagement go through the roof.

In terms of UCG for generating awareness, charities having been paving the way. - Highlight to share -

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How to get a ton of user-generated content through a guerrilla marketing campaign