These days, it doesn’t matter how amazing the UX is on your company website if no one is getting there in the first place. You need to get yourself noticed as far up the purchase funnel as possible, otherwise you may be striking yourself off of the consideration list.

For a lot of consumers, Google is where the research begins. We’ve put together a few tips of how endorsements from your customers can help ensure you’re standing out.

1. Google Seller Ratings


PPC has become a huge business, but how can you make sure your ads are being as effective as possible? Google reports that star ratings in AdWords increases click through rate by an average of 17%. You can benefit from this in two ways:

• More traffic through to your site;
• Or massive savings in your PPC spend.

And better yet, those who do click are also more likely to convert thanks to the buyer confidence provided by social proof. You’re providing a coherent user experience, as prospects arriving on your site are then able to find out about your products and services directly from their peers, proven to increase conversion rates by an average of over 3x.

If you want some more of the technical detail from Google, or to find out whether your country qualifies, take a look here.

2. Google

Rich Snippets


Next let’s address your organic traffic. Making sure you have lots of user-generated content on site is known to improve SEO; everything from long-tail search queries to that regular flow of fresh, unique content.

Making sure you have lots of user-generated content on site is known to improve SEO. - Highlight to share -

When you have everything set up right, and depending on Google’s regular algorithm updates, you’ll also see star ratings appearing in your organic search results. When you’re alongside all your competitors on the first page, displaying stars next to your results is definitely a good way to stand out (whether you’re at number one or at number five).

3. Stars in Google Shopping


Having your products come up in Google Shopping is a great start – but the propensity to click will go up if you have star ratings appearing. Google recently started feeding customer ratings through to display in product listing ads, which is a great way to make sure you’re not just competing on price.

The propensity to click will go up if you have star ratings appearing. - Highlight to share -

Click here to find out more about the Google Shopping Reviews program.

4. Google Business Reviews


You’ve probably spent some time setting up your business’ Google My Business profile. It’s the thing that shows up on the right side of the page when people Google you.

Having a good volume of reviews in this section is vital. In fact, it could be the difference between someone shopping with you or someone else.

The problem is, Google’s review system is a passive one, which means people have to actively log back in to write a review. We’ve spoken before about why that’s an issue.

However, some good news – we’ve built a Reevoo integration with Google My Business Reviews.

When someone writes a customer experience review of one of our clients, we are now also able to invite them to share it on Google. If they say yes, we send them over to Google My Business with an auto-populated review form for them to share.

We think Google My Business reviews are great for when your customers are:

• Looking for their closest branch, store or dealer;
• Travelling and looking to book with you;
• Or comparing physical stores or branches.

The more content you can have on your Google My Business page, and the higher your star rating that appears on Google Maps, the better. And having a stack of Google My Business reviews, powered by Reevoo, is ideal.

Social proof, in the form of reviews, ratings or any other type of user-generated content is a great way to increase conversion. What you need to do however, is make sure you’re set up to have your customers’ content appearing at all stages of the buying journey – especially at the start.

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How to stand out on Google - 2017 update