myReevoo is our client portal; a place our clients go to view their reviews, respond to them, grab data or whatever else they might want to do. We had some feedback from one of our myReevoo users – a travel client – a few Fridays ago.

She said that the amount of filters she had on her queues meant the screen was a mess and she had to scroll to even see the data. Here’s an example of what it looked like:


Bad, right?

The data is below the fold and with a million filters on it is difficult to read. We wanted to turn around something quickly. Our resident UX genius Roman drew up some sketches on the Monday…


His partner in crime Ross pulled together some mockups on the Tuesday…


Then it went over to the devs. Alexandru started work on it and it got deployed last week – here is a mini screencast of the new functionality in action.

Much better, right?

So we went back to the client with the good news, and here was her reply:

Thanks so much for taking our feedback on board – the dev looks great and we’re pleased that we were able to help ?
This makes life much easier for us, thanks again.

All in all just over a 2 week turnaround (including issues with actually getting it deployed). Some great focus and proactivity by Roman, Ross and Alexandru helped push it through.

We care a lot about what clients say – especially when they’re not having the best time using one of our products.

How we made myReevoo easier to use