James Brocket joins me on this episode of the podcast – we’re talking about putting together great boards and executive teams.

James is a co-founder and managing partner of the global executive search firm Calibre One. His focus is on recruiting at board and C-level, so I thought I’d ask him about how those roles are changing – especially in James’ work with startups and newer businesses.

As a founder and previous CEO myself, I found this a fascinating chat. It’s great to get a perspective on leadership from someone who lives and breathes it.

We talked about:

• The changing expectations of a board;
• What a really good board can do for a business;
• How innovation is reflected at board level;
• Good qualities of a board member – is it strategy, experience or a Rolodex?
• How to keep board members from becoming bored members;
• The role of advisory boards;
• Why most boards aren’t as current as they need to be;
• Support for founding CEOs and assembling a ‘support team’;
• Where to find good mentors;
• Diversity around board tables and on management teams (and whether businesses are doing enough);
• And how to bring diversity into the search process.

People Tell Richard Stuff: Episode 48
James Brocket, international headhunter & executive recruiter

James Brocket, international headhunter & executive recruiter