I’ve had a lot of people on the podcast talking about innovation and the economy – but nobody as knowledgeable as economist John Glen.

John is the director for the Centre for Customised Executive Development at Cranfield School of Management.

John Glen economist

He’s regularly commenting on UK and global macro-economics and the finance of football on BBC radio and television, and you can really see why – John has a way of explaining complex concepts with many moving parts in an extremely accessible way. John’s thoughts on skills and wealth distribution form the backbone of our conversation but we cover plenty more as well.

We talked about:

• Why it’s small and medium-sized firms that are the unsung heroes of the economy;
• The strength of Britain’s manufacturing sector;
• How to deal with Brexit uncertaincy;
• Where we’ll see funding coming from in future;
• Immigration and jobs in tech;
• Skilling up our youth for Britain’s new jobs;
• Which way the banks are betting;
• The role of AI in the future of the workplace;
• How technology will shape the new economy;
• Redistribution of wealth;
• And John’s view of the next five years.

People Tell Richard Stuff: Episode 44
John Glen, Economist

John Glen, economist