Justine Roberts is co-founder and CEO of Mumsnet – the huge online community based around parenting.

Justine Roberts Mumsnet

Justine is one of the most candid, engaging and insightful guests I’ve had on – it was a real pleasure having her on the podcast.

In the wake of fake news, Facebook’s filter bubble and online political movements, I wanted to talk to Justine as the head of one of the UK’s biggest online communities. I wanted to know what Justine feels are her and Mumsnet’s responsibilities – both to its users and to the wider community.

We talked about:
• The 2015 ‘swatting attack’ that shook Justine and Mumsnet;
• Mumsnet’s success and standing in society (both the positives and the negatives of that);
• The politics of the collective voice;
• What percentage of Mumsnet users are men;
• How to wield influence responsibly;
• When to step in on political issues;
• Why Mumsnet values differing and dissenting views;
• How to preserve ‘serendipity’ in the age of personalisation;
• The secret to Mumsnet’s rapid growth;
• And Justine’s favourite biscuit.

People Tell Richard Stuff: Episode 35
Justine Roberts, Founder & CEO, Mumsnet

Justine Roberts, co-founder & CEO, Mumsnet