When brands want to know what their customers really think and feel, they call Karen Cooper. Karen is MD of Living Brands, a research-based brand consultancy.

Karen’s consultancy brings brands right back to basics, and help them learn about themselves and how they should behave and interact in our digital world. As you’ll hear, her philosophies around brand creation, maintenance and communication are bang on.

So for brands looking to get modern, agile and contemporary – and do it right – listen to this and consider Karen your guru.

“Brand is everything. What goes into your name, and look, and feel should have some strategy behind it. The brand is who you are from day one – but that doesn’t mean you can’t flex.”

We talk about:
• What older, more inflexible brands can learn from newer, ‘freer’ brands;
• How data can inform brand, and what specific types of data;
• The importance of transparency in every interaction between brand and consumer;
• Why there’s less trust, but more desire to trust;
• The difference between social media research and just being on social media;
• What people say about Amazon Prime in focus groups;
• Cultural differences in consumer behaviour around the world;
• And at what stage companies should start thinking about their brand.

People Tell Richard Stuff: Episode 29
Karen Cooper, MD, Living Brands

Karen Cooper, managing director, Living Brands