In a classic case of startup culture, it was in a cosy server room where I spoke to Kris Naudts, a former psychiatrist and now founder and CEO of Culture Trip.

Culture trip is a content publisher with the brains of a tech company. Kris started Culture Trip as a global company, and it’s now growing into its own clothes – and busting out of its office as you’ll hear.

Kris surprised me with stories from Culture Trip’s early days, where the norms associated with building a company seemed to have been thrown out of the window.

Standing in front of Culture Trip's (amazing) growth charts

We talked about:
• The amazing rate of Culture Trip’s expansion and the growing pains that ensued
• How a pragmatic and relentless approach helped in the early days
• Kris’ ‘winner takes all’ mind-set
• Looking back, would Kris do anything differently? (His answer is very honest)
• Why London was the best place for Culture Trip to settle
• What drew Kris away from psychiatry and into the startup world
• How Culture Trip lasted with a three month horizon for three years
• Kris’ plans to take on Buzzfeed & Vice in the ‘quality content’ sector

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Kris Naudts, Founder & CEO, Culture Trip