This week I’m talking to Malcolm Coles, ex-digital media director at the Telegraph, who’s now chief content officer at the new Clarkson/Hammond/May digital project DRIVETRIBE – a ‘social network for petrolheads’.

malcolm coles

Malcolm is a very articulate, outspoken and funny guy – and it was a pleasure hearing from him the vision of DRIVETRIBE. He’s lived with the frustrations of the big publishers – now the leash is off.

We talked about:
• How print-first publishers have approached digital in the past;
• The idea of ‘tribes’ and how DRIVETRIBE organises its content;
• DRIVETRIBE’s balance of user-generated and professional content;
• Where DRIVETRIBE’s funding has come from, and the involvement of its three famous founders;
• Publishers as ‘social networks’;
• Early audience numbers and performance;
• What Malcolm sees as the secret to success;
• Some great examples of what DRIVETRIBE is collecting;
• How DRIVETRIBE is set up internally;
• And Malcolm’s 5-year predictions about DRIVETRIBE, publishers and social media platforms.

People Tell Richard Stuff: Episode 39
Malcolm Coles, Chief Content Officer, DRIVETRIBE

Malcolm Coles, chief content officer, DRIVETRIBE