Imagine a world where fierce competitors are brought together, sharing insights and data for the greater good of the industry.

Well – that’s the kind of utopia this week’s guest has created in the automotive sector.

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Marcus Hodgkinson is Managing Director of a business he created called sophus3, which services 80% of the car industry with data-based insights. Marcus’ eDataXchange product is a unique collaborative study that allows car brands to benchmark against each other.

The average car buyer used to visit four or five dealerships before they purchased a vehicle. Nowadays, that figure’s closer to one or two. What does that mean for the the role of the dealership? I thought Marcus, with his 27 years of experience, was the perfect person to ask.

We talked about:
• How the first automotive data came from travelling salesmen;
• His story of the world’s first live internet-based auction system (way back in ’95!);
• Why cars aren’t sold online;
• The unlikely rise of the car dealership in the online world;
• And a few tips for auto brands swimming in data.

People Tell Richard Stuff: Episode 6
Marcus Hodgkinson, Managing Director, sophus3

Marcus Hodgkinson, managing director, sophus3