If you don’t know Matt Seaman, you’ve definitely seen something created by one of his companies.

Matt is the CEO of GoMedia, who provides on-board entertainment for the rail industry. Before that, he was one of the founders of Freeview, which of course anyone in the UK would know.


Matt has a strong background in building out TV platforms, and his story will be interesting for anyone starting or growing a business. What I found especially interesting was GoMedia’s initial phase, where Matt and his team were balancing building out the platform and striking partnerships with both train companies and content partners.

We talked about:

  • Matt’s background in TV platforms;
  • How Matt spotted the opportunity for rail entertainment;
  • Dealing with content partners and studios;
  • Keeping content secure, especially in the early days;
  • How Matt and his team built trust with both content and train partners;
  • Meeting the quality demands of the consumer;
  • The need to continually innovate and provide new content;
  • The challenges of providing WiFi to large numbers of train travellers;
  • How GoMedia makes money;
  • Raising money to get the company off the ground;
  • The importance of good partners and a good team in a startup;
  • Bulding business in the UK vs. going international;
  • Making bets on the future of mobility;
  • Why huge companies like to work with SMEs;
  • Using data now and in the future;
  • How train companies can make the customer experience better through small steps;
  • And Matt’s vision for GoMedia in five years.

People Tell Richard Stuff: Episode 54
Matt Seaman, CEO, GoMedia

Matt Seaman, CEO, GoMedia