Whether it’s the pink credit card or the fact it broke CrowdCube by raising £1M in 96 seconds, Mondo is one of the big disruptors in modern banking.

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Next Tuesday the founder and CEO of Mondo, Tom Blomfield, sits down with Reevoo’s own founder Richard Anson on the podcast.

Tom has form when it comes to digital banking. In 2011, he founded GoCardless which has raised over $12m from investors such as Accel Partners, Balderton & Passion Capital. He was at Starling, a bank setup by former AIB chief operating officer, Anne Boden, till 2015 before leaving to set up Mondo.

While Mondo waits for its full banking licence (which the company hopes will happen later this year) it’s all prepay – with limited-edition Alpha and Beta cards that can be topped up and used at cash machines, in-store, online and at contactless terminals.

But despite the wait, Mondo has a waiting list of well over 100,000 and is sending out around 300 cards daily. It’s clearly a product that fills a gap – one that’s based on tech but revolves around customer problems and solutions.

You should listen to the podcast next Tuesday if you’re interested in hearing more from the man who’s fast becoming a FinTech pinup. Tom sees the landscape in such a fresh way that no matter what industry you work in, you’ll understand his point of view. It’s the same trends driving consumer behaviour, whatever the activity – from managing money to communicating with friends and family on social networks.

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On the Tom Blomfield episode of People Tell Richard Stuff, Tuesday May 24:

– Tom will share his thoughts on how banks haven’t yet realised the challenge disruptor banks pose;
– the value of proprietary technology;
– how paper statements are no longer what customers need;
– and how financial transactions shouldn’t be any different from how we use Gmail or Facebook.

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