Nicholas Lovell, author of best-selling book The Curve, welcomed me into his London home for this episode of the podcast.

The Curve emerged from Nicholas’ work in video games, where so much is given away for free. He developed a business model that allows different types of fans to engage with (and pay) your brand in different ways.

Now, Nicholas advises creative businesses on strategy and has been working on a really cool book series called ‘The World of Supersaurs’ which comes with an incredible AR app.

It’s not just games companies that will enjoy this episode – The Curve model and Nicholas’ thoughts on “earning the right to talk to people” will chime with content marketers as well.

We talked about:

• ‘Free’ as a tool for competition;
• How the concept of ‘free’ should be used in a long-term plan;
• The concept of the ‘superfan’ and how to create them;
• How Nespresso transcended the supermarket to go direct-to-consumer;
• How content can contribute to identity and remove buyer’s remorse;
• Why you need to start by considering what your customers want;
• How content marketing is a good starting point;
• The ‘content trap’;
• The different types of risk;
• ‘The World of Supersaurs’;
• On the content and completion of his next project ‘The pyramid of game design’;
• And the difference between free-to-play and freemium.

People Tell Richard Stuff: Episode 49
Nicholas Lovell, author and advisor to creative businesses

Nicholas Lovell, author and advisor to creative businesses