Super excited to add to the list of podcast guests who make me look uncool – Rand Fishkin joins me on the show this week.

Rand goes by the weird and wonderful title, Wizard of Moz.


He’s founder and former CEO of SEO software startup Moz, host of Whiteboard Friday, co-author of a pair of books on SEO, co-founder of, and serves on the board of the presentation software firm, Haiku Deck. Rand’s currently writing a book for Penguin/Random House on the ups and downs of startup culture, due out this year.

Rand is also planning another big move this year, which he talks about – and gives the one piece of advice he thinks is crucial for startups starting today.

We talked about:

  • A brief overview of Moz, and its journey from consultancy to product company;
  • The business move that transformed Moz;
  • Why Moz was successful in the early days;
  • What should come first – audience or product;
  • The only thing that can kill SEO;
  • Rand’s thoughts on Google becoming a ‘suggestion engine’;
  • Facebook’s ‘algorithmic radicalisation’;
  • What SEOs can learn from Google’s intent;
  • How to get in front of people before they have a need for your product;
  • What net neutrality will mean for brands;
  • Influencer marketing and disclosing endorsements;
  • Regulation like GDPR in the EU;
  • How SEO should be handled internally,
  • And how to handle things like voice search.

People Tell Richard Stuff: Episode 51
Rand Fishkin, founder, Moz

Rand Fishkin, founder, Moz