Ratings & reviews – important to customers, vital for your business.

They’ve become a key part of every buyer’s journey, and are make or break for businesses when it comes to influencing a purchase.

But not just any review will do – people don’t want store-bought, chemical pumped reviews, they want them fresh & organic, straight from a verified buyer’s mouth.

In this white paper, we’ll look at the key differences between the main review collection methodologies in the market.

We’ll give you insights into what these differences mean for the effectiveness of your ratings and reviews. And we’ll outline the critical questions you should ask in judging one approach against another.

This ebook covers;

  • What makes a review matter
  • The key differences between review sites and branded sites
  • What to look for when spotting fake reviews
  • Quality vs quantity when it comes to reviews
  • The advantages of verified engagement
  • How unverified feedback inhibits engagement
  • The various methods of collecting verified reviews

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The ratings & reviews landscape