On this show I’ve spoken to a few people whose remit is to innovate from within big established brands. Sebastian Peck is one such person – he’s the MD of InMotion Ventures, the innovation arm of Jaguar Land Rover.


InMotion is split into two very distinct parts; a traditional incubator, where his team have free reign to be creative problem solvers; and an investment arm which operates much like a traditional VC on behalf of Jaguar Land Rover. It’s a fascinating operation and a huge opportunity for Sebastian, who’s been in the role a little over a year.

We talked about:

  • The way our cities are built around cars, and how that’s starting to change;
  • InMotion Ventures’ two distinct parts;
  • What Sebastian sees as Jaguar Land Rover’s 3 pillars of innovation;
  • The challenges and benefits of being associated with such a huge brand;
  • How to keep the right amount of distance as an investor;
  • A particularly exciting InMotion investment and a top-secret original project;
  • Allowing for serendipity with investments and partnerships;
  • What’s holding back the concept car-sharing in western countries;
  • Is it less attractive to own a car for millennials? Or is it just more difficult?
  • The top things Sebastian looks for in a pitch;
  • Navigating the politics of a big company like JLR;
  • The impact of Tesla on the industry and public perception;
  • And some big bets for the future of mobility.

People Tell Richard Stuff: Episode 53
Sebastian Peck, Managing Director, InMotion Ventures

Sebastian Peck, Managing Director, InMotion Ventures