Everybody loves new things! They’re shiny; they’re exciting; and often they make life easier for your customers. We are all familiar with advertising for new things – the latest flavour of crisps, the hottest car cruising down the street, the most recent diet craze – but what about your company’s latest technology?

That’s right: advertising your company’s newest customer-facing tech requires a different set of skills. Most of the time you can’t touch, drink, or drive technology, and newly-simplified user experiences aren’t quite as sexy as a supermodel eating crisps. But your new tech is important, and users are going to love it! That’s why how you market it is so important.

Chances are good that your new tech is aimed at lessening customer pain points (or at least, increasing ease of use in some area), and not for a frivolous impulse purchase like chrome-plated oven mitts. Your tech does not need to be sexy. It needs to be easy, and simple, and convenient; so market it as such.

Take Nationwide Building Society. They were the first UK bank to support Apple Pay (which allows their users to pay for purchases using Apple smart devices like mobiles and watches), and recently rolled out their new support for Android Wear smartwatches. This new tech is designed to give Nationwide customers a simpler, sleeker, more convenient way to bank.

To market this, did Nationwide use models pouting at TV cameras? No, they showed average, everyday-looking customers making purchases with no hassle, and no fanfare. “Beep – transaction complete.” Easy as that. Because that’s how the new tech is supposed to work – by making customers’ lives easier – and that’s how you make it resonate with those same customers.

Businesses, especially in finance, are now rolling out stacks of new tech to support their propositions. You need to make sure you can relate to your entire audience and remove the fear that’s sometimes involved in adopting new tech. It’s supposed to be a joy, not a chore – it’s aimed at making lives easier, after all – and the process should reflect that.

Make sure you can relate to your entire audience and remove the fear that's sometimes involved in adopting new tech. - Highlight to share -

Plus, the easier you make the entire process for users, the more satisfied and happy they will be, and before you know it – BOOM! – they will be evangelising for your company and your tech to their friends, family, and on social media.

So leave the models and the fancy cars in their studios. Instead, make the tech easy for your users; show your users how easy it is for them to use; and then let the customers see for themselves. Just like that, you’ll have loyal, excited customers singing the praises of your brand new tech.

The beauty of keeping new tech simple for your customers