If you’re reading this from the head office of a utilities company – and ESPECIALLY if that company is one of the ‘big six’ – you’re probably looking at ways you can get a little closer to your customers.

Two simultaneous issues have arisen:

  • Smaller energy companies have popped up and answered the needs of tech-savvy and ethically conscious consumers;
  • And the microscope has been aimed squarely at the utilities companies who aren’t delivering acceptable levels of customer service.

So energy suppliers are having a hard time – but as we’ve written about before, UGC can help utilities companies in hard times. It shows you’re being transparent, it helps your SEO and most importantly, it gives you lots of great feedback you can start actioning straight away.

1. Utilities companies need CLOSED reviews solutions

Only reviews you can guarantee as authentic are worth displaying. Otherwise, the whole thing loses credibility. A closed system – where you invite all your customers to review you rather than just letting anyone log on and write a review – removes any chance of a fake.

Our Ratings and Reviews Workbook explains more about closed reviews solutions and what you should look for in a ratings and reviews software provider.

2. Utilities companies should not be scared of bad reviews

A few bad reviews are inevitable, especially for utilities.

It’s how you handle them that matters.

Our Bad reviews are Good for Business ebook shows you exactly how to handle reviews to make sure you’re treating customers with respect and earning their trust.

3. Utilities companies should use reviews in their marketing

If any industry needs an injection of authenticity, it’s utilities.

Some brands are catching on – but in general, it looks from the outside like most providers are keeping their customers at arm’s length.

Using UGC like reviews in advertising is disarming for customers. It establishes a connection and builds trust.

Last year, boiler manufacturer Baxi used their Reevoo customer satisfaction score of 98% from real, verified customers in an integrated marketing campaign. The results were incredible.

UGC can (and should) enhance your content as well. Our Why You Need UGC in your Content Marketing ebook explains how you can create content that will be seen and valued by customers with UGC at the core.

The time to act is now. If you’d like to have a chat about how UGC can help you jump to the top of the list, get in touch.

Three keys to a winning utilities review solution