A good blacksmith knows to strike while the iron is hot. Likewise, a good marketing department knows that to wield the wonderful tool of promoted tweets most effectively, timing is everything.

To get the most out of your marketing budget, you need to know the best moments. Here are three:

1. Coinciding with an event

Whether it’s an award show, a sporting event, a television finale or something else, everybody likes to be part of the fun! It’s good for your brand to seem up on the latest chatter, but even more importantly, popular events come with built-in hashtag traffic. The beautiful thing about promoted tweets is that they expose your message to a wider audience. Well, by jumping on the hashtag bandwagon for the particular event in question (#Oscars, #ShowFinale, etc.), your message will also appear to any of the (potentially millions) of users searching for that hashtag. Boom – the reach of your message is multiplied!

Of course, make sure you come up with a way to link yourself to the event in a manner that seems organic. Few people are going to click on “Nigel’s Auto Repair and Service #FACupFinal,” after all.

Few people are going to click on “Nigel's Auto Repair and Service #FACupFinal,” after all. - Highlight to share -

2. When you want users to do something

This might sound obvious, but only invest in promoted tweets when you have something specific you’d like from your audience. Promoted tweets aren’t free, so have a specific call-to-action in mind before you fork over a piece of your marketing budget. Have a new case study you’d like your audience to read? Recently roll out a new service you want people to check out? Have a new app you want folks to download?

These are perfect opportunities to use promoted tweets! Pop out some snappy copy, paste the link you want clicked and voila! Lots of users, doing just what you need.

3. When you need to attract a specific group of users

Perhaps the very best thing about sponsored tweets is your ability to target certain kinds up people using various different algorithms! Looking to target just users in the UK without wasting tons of money advertising to French users? You can do that! What if you just want to target users in Sheffield without wasting money on London? You can do that, too! You can also target users based on their language and gender.

For a good marketing team, however, the best targeting tool is by keyword. - Highlight to share -

For a good marketing team, however, the best targeting tool is by keyword. That’s right: if you’re only interested in spending money marketing to users who have already demonstrated an interested in a certain topic, you can limit your reach to those who have already used certain words in their tweets. This kind of hyper-focused appeal is like a surgeon’s scalpel to a crafty marketer.

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Timing is everything when it comes to promoted tweets